About Us

The Caring Hearts Jail Ministry is part of the non-profit Gospel Truth Foundation, Inc. The Caring Hearts Jail Ministry is partially funded and supported by several churches in the Red River Valley of the North Region; and seeks to help the incarcerated, and their spouses, families and friends, by sharing God's Word in a loving, caring and friendly manner.

Relying upon volunteer assistance, the Caring Hearts Jail Ministry seeks to help heal those families which have been injured by having a Loved One imprisoned, and to help rebuild the lives of those who have been, or are currently incarcerated, through the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Truth Foundation seeks to share God's Word, the Holy Bible, with all men and women, by making free correspondence Bible Study lesson materials available to all who ask. We have a number of volunteers who serve as Christian Pen Pals to any inmate who would like to write letters back and forth, willing to be a friend to anyone who is lonely or hungry to learn about God’s Word and the salvation we have in Christ Jesus. We are NOT a lonely hearts club type of organization however, it is our policy to have men write to the men, and women to the female inmates.