Contact Us

There are two ways in which you can contact this ministry: In Writing or by E-Mail

We will always seek to respond to your request as soon as possible, but please remember that the Caring Hearts Jail Ministry is one-hundred percent a voluntary organization and that there are no paid staff members, or regular office hours. We just work from home.

You should understand that some jails or prisons will not accept letters, only postcards, and that also, some correctional institutions mischaracterize letters, Bible Studies, or gospel tracts from Christian ministries as contraband and do not allow them to enter their facility.

Thusly, it may appear that we have not contacted your Loved One because our letter and the materials we sent out, have either been returned to us, or have been confiscated by overzealous or atheistic Correctional Officers as contraband. Fortunately this is rare, but not unknown, so if your Loved One notifies you that they have not received the materials you requested for them, please try contacting us again.

You should also know that inmates are not required to accept any letter or materials mailed to them, if they do not want to. If you requested free correspondence Bible Study materials for your Loved One, without them asking you to do so, they may have rejected or refused them, and that is why it gives the mistaken impression that we have not responded to your request.

We are persistent, however, and will gladly re-send our letters and materials again if there is a problem. We also know that we have an enemy, Satan and his demons, who is doing all that he can to hamper the sharing of God’s Word with the lost, or those who are looking to grow in their faith and have a closer walk with Jesus. If you have a problem with your request being fulfilled, please do not hesitate to contact us again, and let us know what has happened.

TO CONTACT THIS MINISTRY IN WRITING, Please address all correspondence to:
Chaplain John F. Buegel
c/o Metropolitan Baptist Church
2612 25th St SW
FARGO, ND 58103

TO CONTACT THIS MINISTRY BY E-MAIL, Please use the following address: